Our Products

Online Gaming

Skyline Group invests an enormous amount in building “Skyline entertainment platform”, the international entertainment portal, involving online games, live video, social media, and others. This project is based on mobile APP platform, extended to WEB, PC, MAC and other platforms for the global Internet users to enjoy a super high-quality entertainment environment.


Skyline Group has launched many mobile games that have become successful in engaging the gaming enthusiasts and meet the newer demands of people who love entertainment. Our in-house development teams are professionals who know how to brainstorm innovative ideas and come up with mobile apps that meet the demands and expectations of emerging markets. Our thorough research on the market trends and successful predictions help companies seize online opportunities and emerge profitable.


We identify the high impact, early stage technology platforms, and companies and invest in them with a mission of producing international growth champions. We warmly welcome distributors to market our games and products.

Technology (R&D)

Our expert research and development (R&D) team focuses on generating creative ideas to create compelling and innovative products and services for our users. We initiate and embrace disruptive technology trends with an aim to enter new geographies and product markets and facilitate the wide adoption of our products and services.


We invest in a wide range of emerging technology trends and breakthroughs that according to us have a high potential of delivering value to our customers and contributing towards the growth of the company. We always keep up with our long-term commitment to continue research and development across different verticals of technologies, platforms, and tools including information access and organization, communication and collaboration, entertainment, gaming, business, property, and banking.


Our R&D teams comprise of the best human resources across the region with R&D centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, and Malaysia.


Skyline Property aims at building commercial real estate, cultural tourism, luxury hotels and chain stores as its core. Based in Southeast Asia, the company gradually expands to other regions of Asia and the global market. We also provide a range of supporting services for the industry to exquisitely enhance the quality of each product.


With a profound knowledge of Asian markets, Skyline Group meticulously identifies and invests in a wide range of business opportunities. We target prime real estate in exclusive locations and strategically-placed companies with strong growth potential. We are always in search of the projects that offer attractive returns on investment.


We are well-equipped with all the necessary resources and support infrastructure to quickly expand its operational scope and scale to its full potential in order to maximize the opportunity.

Banking & Investment

Skyline Investment adopts a sound risk control system, which integrates the scientific investment philosophy of investors over the years and invests in enterprises of various industries around the world. At present, the main business concentrates on the developed countries of Asia and the rapid development of developing countries.


Skyline Consulting is an international company dedicated to the top management of the enterprise. Under the guidance of the company’s strategic target, it is constantly expanding its business service network to meet the needs of customers in all directions, including management consulting, information technology and management, outsourcing, business alliances and venture capital.


Skyline Group assists our partners in funding (from early to growth stage), allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best and help them building great businesses. We have strong connections with potential corporate customers and partners, enhancing business development as well as creating buy-out or exit opportunities to online entrepreneurs.