About Us

About Us

Skyline Group is an investment holding company engaged in the research and development of online games, high-tech products, real estate development, finance, and investment. Adhering to the corporate culture of “Global Vision, Change the World”, our company is making every effort to create a comprehensive international group capable of bettering the world. By taking the brand, talents, dedicated spirit, learning ability, innovation as the core emphasis, Skyline Group will remain relevant, competitive and successful on the world stage.


Our headquarters is located in Singapore and it will act as an international financial centre, while aiding the rapid development of the group.
Simultaneously, we have branches deployed in Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Japan (under construction), and other locations to expand the presence of our enterprise identity.

Global Vision


As the main headquarters of our group, Skyline Singapore is committed to the development of real estate projects in Singapore and primarily provides professional consulting and management services to a variety of large-scale companies all over the world. It collects the most cutting-edge international financial information and the most scientific investment management intel, which the group will directly benefit from.


Skyline Thailand is committed to creating a culture creative company integrating interactive entertainment platform involving games, cartoons, and entertainment with the application of Mobile Internet serving as the breakthrough point. The team is comprised of professional talents from Tencent, Netease, and more. Skyline Thailand strives to build a large Internet integrated service platform, while leveraging the Southeast Asia as its core.


Skyline Taiwan is devoted to the R&D and operation of innovative and new technologies, as well as providing consulting and management services. Relying on the advantages of R&D experiences and the open economic environment in Taiwan, Skyline Taiwan is capable of generating high-tech products with excellent quality within a short period of time. Currently, the group is in the process of building a social live streaming platform starting with Chinese communities and marching towards Southeast Asia and eventually the entire world.


Skyline Philippines focuses on property investment in Southeast Asia. IT products produced solely by this subsidiary will be released in the near future. Our projects will benefit from the super high economic growth rate and the Internet penetration in the Philippines. We will take the property and IT industries as the foothold and expand peripheral services, with the intention of creating an integrated high-quality service project.


Under Construction