At Skyline Info Technologies, we invite you to experience something different.

We are open to people of all abilities. Open to changing technology. Open to however you want to work, and to whomever you want to work with. Open to crossing paths with unexpected people, and coming to surprising conclusions. Open to change. Open to new ideas. Open to the future. The beginning of a NPS that isn’t just a business, but an ever-changing hub of collaboration and creativity, where solutions aren’t handed out, they’re created together.

Always at the forefront, always committed.

We thrive supported by a framework of internal and external expectations and requirements. These helps guide our behaviours and build trust:
• in how we do business
• with each other
• in our communities
• in how we use information

When working with our clients and our colleagues to build trust in society and solve important problems, we
1. Act with integrity
2. Make a difference
3. Work together